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Cochlear Concepts, LLC is a research-oriented business that provides innovative solutions for researchers involved with the speech and hearing sciences. Our hardware products are designed by ELC Audio Engineering. We work closely with audiologists, media production professionals, live sound engineers, acousticians, universities and hospitals.


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SDAS - Sound Detection and Alarm System (US Patent 7315244). Includes patented features for minimization of false triggers. Click PATENT for more information.
Speech-Language Facilitator. Design and prototype sold to Kay Elemetrics. After further development by Kay Elemetrics, design is now known as KayPENTAX Model 3500 Facilitator. Click FACILITATOR for additional information.
ELC Audio Engineering Data Recording System. Automated data recording and stimuli presentation system integrates with popular Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) applications. Click DAW-DAQ for info.
Flight Control System (FLCS) test set designed, prototyped and documented (Technical Order) for use by the USAF.
CARPAL Engine Annunciator/Shutoff Unit. Original prototype purchased by Pepsi Cola for use in their diesel tractors.

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