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Above: Interesting mix of analog and digital instrumentation. This photo shows my arsenal of laboratory equipment when I started ELC Audio Engineering. Note the digidesign recording hardware, Krohn-Hite analog filters, Tektronix oscilloscopes, Ithaco lock-in amplifier, massive HP power supplies, and Brel & Kjr 2209 sound level meter. Barely visible is a Larson-Davis 3200 RTA (upper left corner).

Above: I took this photo while selling miscellaneous items on eBay. I used the Barbie doll as a prop in a number of listings. Shown here are a pair of Telefunken 6CA7/ELC34 electron tubes (valves).

Above: My good friend, professional drummer, and live-sound engineer extraordinaire Ted Leonard. One of my creations, a touch-panel switching matrix for live sound operators, is being "field tested" by Ted. Ted presented the "problem" to me, and I designed and built the solution. I cannot disclose the operation and utility of this device until intellectual property protection is in place.

I used to build VT audio power amplifiers as a hobby. Two of my designs appeared in Glass Audio as feature articles. The above photo appeared in Sound Practices magazine.